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What is YAM and who is it for?

When we say "YAM" we aren't talking about the potato, we are talking about our Young Adult Ministry!  YAM is for anyone 18 - 35 years old and is built around the idea of community. Whether it's our weekly Thursday night group, The Mash, a retreat, or just a night of watching "The Office" it's all tailored to foster community amongst young adults. 

What is "The Mash"?

Sticking with the potato theme "The Mash" is an event filled with good food, coffee, board games, worship, teaching, discussion, and of course....some type of potato dish!  The Mash happens six times a year typically on a Sunday from 6-8 PM.  Check out the YAM Events below to see when the next Mash is!

When and where does YAM meet?

YAM meets every Thursday at 6PM in The Center (Door 1).  Just park in the south lot which is the side with the large awnings.  Doors open at 5:30 PM so just come on in!

How can I get connected with YAM virtually?

You can stay up to date with everything happening with YAM by following us on Instagram , Twitter, and joining our Facebook group.  We also have a Zoom option for our Thursday night group!  

Hayden Poninski | Young Adult Pastor

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